What MITIE is about


MITIE is a not-for-profit incorporated association that exists for its members. As of October 2016 there are 1135 active members from all Australian States and Territories and New Zealand. Our members come from a diverse range of backgrounds including K/P-12 independent and state schools and tertiary institutions. MITIE also welcomes individuals from commercial organisations that provide  ICT-related goods and services to educational institutions.

MITIE has as its purposes:


  • To establish and maintain a professional organisation representing those who manage Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in educational institutions with particular emphasis on promoting, advocating for and encouraging excellence in the management of ICT in educational settings
  • To co-operate and/or liaise with other relevant organisations and authorities at local, state, territory, national and international levels.
  • To establish, maintain and provide a representative voice for the association’s members.
  • To provide and maintain a common forum for members
  • To influence and support the development and application of best practice standards and guidelines for the management of ICT in educational settings
  • To promote training and quality professional development opportunities for the association’s members including but not limited to:
    • networking practice;
    • service provision;
    • governance;
    • benchmarking;
    • financial and budget management;
    • leadership and management;
    • service management;
    • new and emerging needs and requirements.
  • To promote training and quality professional development opportunities for association members through:
    • organising conferences and meetings of members from time to time;
    • publishing journals and papers on best practice related to the management of ICT in education and making available other professional publications;
    • publishing relevant information to keep members up to date with current developments in the management of ICT in educational institutions.
  • To identify and disseminate research into best practice in the management of ICT in educational settings
  • To encourage and support research into best practice in the management of ICT in educational settings
  • To advocate for continual improvement in the management of ICT in education reflecting advances in technologies, learning methodology and pedagogy.

MITIE's full constitution may be found here.


Current Steering Committee members

President / Ian Ralph (Independent Consultant)
Vice President / Jason Arruzza (AARNet)
Treasurer / Frank Brooks (Independent Consultant)
Nick Cross (AARNet)
Maurice Cummins (Redlands)
Ally Eddy (Giant Steps)
David Soede (Central Coast Grammar School)
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The Forum is at the heart of MITIE. It's where MITIE members collaborate and share information and ideas. We currently have over 1100 members who use our forum daily either via email (around 2000 emails per day) or by visiting the site with around 100 unique visits per day. 

Our forum is run on Discourse and is well received by members. Here are some of their comments:

  • Wow this is great. -  Performance is brilliant, ease of singing up a breeze, searching and ease of use is top class
  • Very good, tried it on a mobile device , looks perfect.
  • Nice to use a product designed especially for forums. Responsive and Fast. Simple formatting keeps things mostly clean.


Joining MITIE

Individuals who work in educational institutions or for organisations that support the use of ICT in educational institutions are encouraged to join MITIE. There is currently no charge for MITIE membership and joining the MITIE Forum will always be free. Clicking on the link below will take you to the forum login page - complete the sign-up information (be sure to enter your school or organisation's name) and your membership is usually approved in less than 24hrs.

Term Conferences

Each term MITIE runs a one day conference that is hosted at a member's school. Sessions at each conference are created by and often presented by MITIE members meaning that they are valuable and relevant. Accessibility to the conference presentation is enhanced with each conference live streamed thanks to our sponsors.


Dates for 2017 term conferences will be announced before the end of 2016.

Term 4 2016

 The term 4 conference will be held on Friday 18th NOVEMBER 2016 at Red Bend Catholic College, Forbes
As usual you will be able to see the program and sign-up through the forum.

Past term conferences

Term 3 2016

The term 3 conference was held at Giant Steps School on Tuesday 27th September. Thanks for Ally Eddy for supporting MITIE by hosting this event. 


We are pleased to acknowledge the support of the following organisations:
Gold Sponsor: Mac Centre
Silver sponsors: ASI Solutions, Datacom and Precision Industries

Thanks also to ClickView for live streaming the event and making the recorded sessions available online.


Term 2 2016

The term 2 conference was held at Inaburra School on Tuesday 5th July. MITE expresses its sincere thanks to Tim Bowden, Inaburra's Principal and Tim Pinnock, ICT Manager, for providing a fantastic venue and so much energy and professionalism to make the day a success. 

There were 72 registered and, as usual, more watched the event via the ClickView live stream.


We are pleased to acknowledge the support of the following organisations:
Gold Sponsor: CompNow

Silver Sponsors: Apek Technology, DavellFuji Xerox and Nutanix

Thanks also to ClickView for live streaming the event and making the recorded sessions available online.


TERM 1 2016

The term 1 conference for 2016 was held at Central Coast Grammar School on Tuesday 12th April 2016. We appreciate the School's Headmaster Bill Low along with ICT Manager David Soede generosity in hosting this conference. 

There were 85 registered for the event and many more watched the sessions as they were live streamed by Silver sponsor ClickView.


Sponsorship is important as it supports the provision of refreshments and funds other MITIE activities. We are pleased to acknowledge the following sponsors for this term's meeting: Gold Sponsor: Pivotal Business Solutions. Silver Sponsors: ClickView, Desire Audio Visual and Independent Locksmiths and Security.


"Best termly meeting I've been to. "...day was great, great selection, and spread. Layout was great i.e. liked the idea of panel discussions, group discussions, workshops, and showing how a particular school did/does things."
We'll learn from suggestions too: "Adding a time for more personal interactions during the day will be benefitial specially for first time attendees- It would be a good idea to have access either to a summary/abstract of what the speakers would be talking about or a copy of their presentation slides in addition to the topic prior to the day" and "Throw questions to the audience more so sessions are more collaborative."






TERM 4 2015

The term 4 meeting was held at The Armidale School on Friday 13th November 2015.

Why are regional meetings important? There are a number of reasons:

  • Reflecting MITIE’s collegial spirit this meeting is hosted and run by 3 Armidale schools: The Armidale School (Martin Levins), PLC Armidale (Ross Gailer) and New England Girls’ School (David Rose).
  • Many of our members come from regional areas of Australia. We believe it is important to support those who don't live in big cities and holding a meeting in a regional centre is one way we can do this. 
  • Networking and understanding how other schools work are important aspects of all MITIE meetings according to 83% of those who attended our recent meeting at St Joseph’s. One of the great strengths of regional meetings is that they provide plenty of opportunities for you to connect with other like-minded professionals.
  • The program and social arrangements are especially varied and very interesting. Subscribe to this discussion to keep up to date with the program.


  • Sponsorship is important as it provides support for transport on the day and puts a meal on your plate. It also funds other activities of MITIE. We are pleased to acknowledge the following sponsors for this term's meeting: AccucomClickViewMac1 and Vertel.

The Term 4 meeting in review

Almost 40 delegates enjoyed a fantastic day organised by Martin, Ross and David. Great food thanks to the sponsors, varied and interesting talks, presentations and of course lots of time for networking with friends and colleagues. In their feedback one delegate said:

I think the format of the regional meeting was good for a number of reasons. It provided insights to things we would not come across in our day to day activities, but that do have relevance to the work we do. It was also a great vehicle for showcasing non-metro activities. I am sure we all came away with enhanced understandings.

Watch the sessions that were recorded and live streamed by ClickView here (scroll down to the "Past Streams" section).

Armidale meeting - delegates ratings from feeback

For more pix have a look at our Twitter stream.

Term 3 2015

The term 3 meeting for 2015 was held at St Joseph's College Hunters Hill on Tuesday 22nd September. We were very pleased that 106 members registered for the event and even more pleased that at one point 50 were watching the live video stream. If you would like to watch the recorded sessions then click on this link.

All those who were present acknowledge what a great job Graeme Kachel and his team did in making sure that everything went perfectly on the day. Thank you St Joseph's, Graeme and your team!

If you attended - either in person or via the streaming video link - we'd appreciate it if you took a few minutes to help us make the next event even better by completing our online survey.

And of course we'd like to thank the following sponsors for their generous support:




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