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Welcome to MITIE, Australia's oldest, largest, and most active network for ICT professionals in K-12 education. Since its inception in the early 1990s, MITIE has been dedicated to advancing ICT use in schools and enhancing learning, teaching, and administrative efficiency.

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Vibrant Online Forum: Join our dynamic online forum, where members from across Australia gather to discuss, share, and collaborate. It’s a cornerstone of our community, offering a platform for continuous learning and support.

Professional Development: Our Term Conferences cover various ICT topics, including Artificial Intelligence, Systems Administration, Infrastructure, Data and Analytics, Cybersecurity, Leadership, ICT Management and classroom use of ICT.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with thousands of peers, share insights, and gain access to industry leaders through our events and vibrant online community.

Support and Collaboration: Join a community that champions innovation and best practices. We offer problem-solving through our forum, networking and professional learning through our term conferences and support through various freely shared resources.

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Explore the benefits of becoming a MITIE member or sponsor. Participate in shaping the future of ICT in education and significantly impact our community.

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