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MITIE's members come from a diverse range of backgrounds across education systems and sectors in Australia and surrounding regions. MITIE also welcomes individuals from commercial organisations that provide ICT-related goods and services to educational institutions. 

"...we have found that MITIE is a better medium for gaining a wide breadth of ideas from other schools." (Tim Innes-Brown, Director of ICT,  St Michael's Collegiate School in Hobart commenting on following our forum to track issues that may arise in a widely used software system)

The heart of MITIE is its very active forum where our community willingly and generously share their expertise, experiences and ideas with the community. 

"Open and clean. Nice and fast. Easy to read. Judging by the majority of positive feedback above you seem to be on a winner." (Andrew Larner, Trinity College, Gawler SA, on Discourse, our forum platform) 

One of the great strengths of MITIE comes from our diversity: members from commercial organisations bring an important perspective related to the technology that is available to solve educational issues; members come from smaller institutions with one ICT support person and large multi-school system with large specialised support teams and, probably most importantly, our membership reflects a wide diversity of roles including CIOs, new to ICT support in first-level help-desk roles and teachers and others with responsibility for supporting ICT use in the classroom.

"Well done Sam; great outcome for Barker College" (Sam McNeill, then ICT Director at St Andrew's School in Christchurch, responding to a post by Sam Sarkis from Accucom describing a wireless implemenation project at Barker College, NSW) 

MITIE also offers a range of professional learning and networking opportunities such as term conferences. These events are usually hosted by a member's school or institution or at a commercial member's premises and take place around Australia at times that reflect the ebb and flow of the academic year. At these events members share their expertise through presenting a workshop or plenary session, learn new technical skills, explore broad-ranging issues that impact ICT in educational institutions, spend time networking with others and learning about new products from our sponsors.


Left : Liz Brockliss, Helpdesk Coordinator, Ravenswood School during a presentation on ideas for great help desks during the NSW T4, 2017 conference at Microsoft's Sydney offices.

Right: Michelle Scott, Business manager at Roseville College and Kristy Ahearn, Business Manager at SCEGGS Darlinghurst, receive certificates of appreciation for their presentation at the NSW term 4, 2017 conference a Microsoft's Sydney offices.

MITIE is evolving and growing guided by our membership. This website is where you can begin your journey with MITIE and find out more about the services we provide. I invite you to join us and become part of our community.

Ally Eddy

MITIE President
D 2020

MITIE Incorporated. ABN 85 607 373 857.

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