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Schedule of Fees and Benefits


Membership Tiers - Fees ($AUS)

   Forum  Associate
Individual and Bundle*
per staff member
 Corporate Bundles^*
Per staff member
 1/7/2020 - 30/6/2021  $0 $110 (inc GST)  $330 (inc GST)

Membership Tiers - Benefits

 Benefit Forum  Associate 
School Bundle   Corp. Bundle
 Forum Yes  Yes 
Yes  Yes 
 Surveys Yes  Yes 
Yes  Yes 
 Term Conferences Advertised Rate  20% 
20%/Reg  20%/Reg 
 Professional Learning Advertised Rate  Varies: see activity 
Varies: see activity  Varies: see activity 
 Scholarships --  On Application 
On Application  -- 
 Video Library -- Yes
Yes Yes 
 Reports  Yes Yes 
Yes  Yes 
 N/A N/A 
N/A  10% 

* A membership bundle is a collection of members who are linked together and managed by one of their members – the bundle administrator. 

Bundled membership is designed for those organisations who see a benefit in providing their staff with access to MITIE's services at  rates as shown in the table above. 

There are different bundle options, allowing an organisation to register and self manage MITIE membership. Contact MITIE's secretary for more information on Bundle memberships.

^ MITIE corporate bundles are offered in multiples of 5:  Corporate members may sign up for 5, 10, 15... staff members. Once this is done a nominated person within your organisation manages the staff that have access to MITIE's resources.

For more information contact  Ally Eddy or Michael Smith 

MITIE Incorporated. ABN 85 607 373 857.

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